A little secret; I’m prone to playing games like World of Warcraft in drag; female characters that is. People treat you differently, and you’re a smaller target. I don’t have any inclination to actually dress as a woman, but I do now understand why a girl needs more than one pair of shoes.

Back when I played Star Wars Galaxies, I ran two accounts and role-played a pair of twins:

If anyone remembers playing with the Omaki Twins, I’d love to hear from you.

↓ Transcript
Chat Window:
Party [Tuekute]: Ready Ace?
Party [Justacel: I guess.
Party [Roxxon]: woot!
Party [Justace]: Just one thing. know I agreed to play Alliance with you two.
Party [Tuekute]: We'll be like the 3 Musketteers!
Party [Justace]: Yeah. I also appreciate your agreeing to help me level up to where you are.
Party Can't play with us if y'all ain't at our Party [Justacel: I am looking fo ard to it. But I still have one question.

Why do Ihave to play as a girl?

Roxxon and Tuekute are in a guild named "Feministas."