In a way, Grampy’s one of my more tragic characters. He’s lived an incredibly full life, but lost so much, and now has infirmity staring him in the face. But he’s a fighter and won’t go quietly, I’m sure.

↓ Transcript
Ace and Grampy continue their conversation on the front porch.

Grampy: You're not cold?
Ace: Eh. Mom's last year in the Air Force we were in Fairbanks. You're never cold again after a winter in Alaska.
Grampy: I suppose Roxeanne thinks I've lost my wits.
Ace: Well...

Grampy: Just between us men I'll tell you the truth. I very nearly didn't survive the Vanport flood in '48. I'd just turned eighteen. Wasn't much work for a young black man in Portland then. So I joinced the Army. Fought in Korea and did 2 tours in 'Nam. Lost a son there, too. Retired back in '71.

Grampy (continues): I have 2 PHD's. I've dug for human fossils in Africa and for dinosaur bones in Montana. And taught English in inner-city schools. My wife has been gone for five years. My youngest son, Roxeanne's father, died in '82. I've lived through four major disasters.

Grampy (continues): I'm 75 years old now, and don't know how much longer I'll have my health. I just wanted one last adventure.