It would be hard to find a soft spot on Rocky…

↓ Transcript
Having been knocked to the floor by their collision, Ace looked up at what must be Rocky. Rocky was black, and tall, a full head taller than Ace, and completely bald. Faded blue jeans and a loose tank top revealed muscular arms reaching down to help him to his feet.

Rocky said, "Hey Man, I'm really sorry about that."

After pulling Ace to his feet, Rocky continued, "My girlfriend's always getting on my ass about 'stepping' on people. I'm Rocky. You're Ace?"

"Yeah," Ace replied. "And I'm OK. No worries."

"I dunno about OK," Rocky said, looking at Ace's chin. "I got you pretty good. We better get some ice on that!"

At that moment Carly appears at the top of the stairs looking down on what appears to be an intimate moment. "I knew you two would get along, but I wasn't expecting THIS!"