↓ Transcript
Carly and Ace stand in the parking lot with the Abernathy sisters, talking.

Ace: I'll be happy to help with a toy drive.
Carly: Me, too.
Margaret: Wonderful, the bachelor auction is at 8 PM. See you both there.
Ace: Bachelor auction?
Carly: Both?

Voice off-panel: Excuse me. I hope I'm not interrupting. I'm trying to find a local business.
Ace: What sort of business?
Voice off-panel: They make knives. I can't recall the name, though.
Ace: Well, Gerber and Leatherman have their headquarters here in Portland.
Voice off-panel: No, this place does kitchen knives. See, my granddaughter has friends that work there. And if I can find them...

Grampy stands by the corner of the building as he talks.

Grampy: ... I can find her.