Rocky’s got problems.

↓ Transcript
Rocky is in Ace's bed, with Ace, who looks terrified.

Rocky says, "Ace, relax. I know when I've been sleepwalking. I been here all night?"

Ace says, "Uh, yeah."

Rocky tells him, "I usually got issues about being with a guy." She pauses, then muses, "I wonda if..."

Rocky leans over to kiss Ace. "Sorry Ace, I gotta know..." She kisses him, then makes a "ULP!" noise, running for the bathroom.

Kneeling in front of the toilet, she *HURK*s. "Am sorry, Ace." More noises. "You been so nice, I hoped maybe I was over it."

Rocky continues, "Ever since I can remember, kissing boys caused me to be sick."

Ace comes in with a bottle of mouth wash. "Yeah, I kinda caught onto that real quick..."