Ace’s nuclear grade hot sauce.

(2018-07-17) For the record, I’m calling a Trademark on “Atomico” foods.

↓ Transcript
In the dining area, Rocky help seat Pixie, now wearing a black knit dress with sparkles.

Rocky said, in a thick southern accent, "Ace, I hear you like is spicy, so I done up my Grampy's jambalaya."

"Ooh," cooed Pixie, "Dangerous."

Ace declared it, "Delicious. But you don't mind if I kick it up another notch?"

"Not at all," said Rocky.

Ace returned with a bottle of a bright red sauce and applied it libberally with a "splortch."

"MMM!" went Ace as imagined flame rose from his plate; the bottle of hot sauce displaying an atomic cloud.

Pixie stared, agast, "That's not ... ketchup ... is it?"

Carly declared, "Ace, you are so excused from cooking!"