I should know better.

I know my cat gets bored during the night. And he likes my glasses for some reason. 

And you know where this is getting. 

I’ve learned to put my glasses away, but I’m still  prone to being lazy. I had just gotten up from my desk to go to bed. And my  eyeglass case where is beyond immediate reach. and so in by my already sleepy state, I put my glasses on the desk. For two night in a row.

I’ve found my distance glasses. My computer glasses continue to evade me. Oh. my so-so glasses popped the lens out (and there’s a reason I could be known as “Oden One-Eye. now).

Fortunately  I placed an order 4 new glasses weeks ago.  Unfortunately, i’ve got a 4 to 6 weeks wait before they get here.

I’ve got a couple comics scripted out, but it actually hurts sit up close to in monitor to produce them.

If the rascal is to blame then the ended up where he can’t reach and that could be anywhere.  if he’s blameless, they are on my desk, where I will never find  them…