I’ll try to avoid being too spoilery, but I have a few thoughts after Episode 13 of Star Trek: Discovery (ST:D?!).

First, I don’t think we’re done with the Mirror Universe.

I think that Mirror (Empress) Georgiou is not necessarily a bad person, just harsh. Remember that Lorca didn’t like her reforms. I think she’ll embrace being Federation Captain Philippa Georgiou; tho being particularly ruthless. I can see her demanding her “old” first officer back (with awkward relationship hijinks), and eventually dying heroically.

Lorca is not dead. He becomes the new Terran Emperor, co-opts the rebellion (perhaps in a way that some races, like vulcans, accept a lower class membership in the Empire), and shows up again to “save” the Federation (under his Imperial Guidance, of course). Lorca survives because…

Mirror Stamets is not dead. He has his own connection, if somewhat toxic, to the Mycelial Network. What looked like disintegration was actually a transporter effect. He’s smart enough to anticipate being dropped down a hole at some point and make arrangements accordingly. Perhaps escaping to Discovery’s sister ship, an intact ISS Glenn. He and Lorca survive their injuries because…

Mirror Doctor Culbert is alive and well. MAYBE he is Federation Culbert and dead Culbert (now fungi Culbert) is actually Mirror Culbert (swapped out by Lorca as a spy). A Federation Stamets and Mirror Culbert hookup could go all sorts of wrong, but a REUNION…!

L’rell is thoroughly disgusted with the Klingon Empire. She could become a reluctant advisor to The Federation. Watch for a love triangle of sorts over Tyler. Mirror Voq could turn up and the two could eventually set off to make another try at unifying Klingons of one or the other universe.