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"You were telling me about Gná," he prodded.
Seidr bit her lip as though trying to remember, though Hans guessed she was really trying think where the rest of her outfit might be.
"Frikka sent Gná away when Gullinkambi, the golden rooster, heralded Ragnarok. No one doubts Gná would have stayed by the side of her mistress unless ordered to leave, but she had to obey her command. She eventually became Aelfqueen simply because she was the heir. The beginning of her reign was probably one of the finest ages this realm has seen."
She sighed sadly, "Now, her people are mostly in hiding."
Then she squealed, "I found it!"
"The belt?"
"My skirt, Silly Man." She waved her hand in a slight spiral. "Now turn around. I want you to see me in it, not getting into it."
Hans turned. Many soft clinking sounds followed.
"Ok, what do you think?"
Hans turned back and whistled softly at Seidr. The halter top, if it could be called that hung from golden collar about her neck, and draped down across her pert bosom, leaving the lower quarter of her breasts exposed. A band of links hung from lower part of the halter and wrapped around her back. The weight of the back strap held the whole thing in place. The metal must have been chilly, since her nipples stood noticeably erect under the fine links.
The skirt was something else entirely. It hung as a triangle from one hip. The other hip was exposed and width of the skirt as it crossed her groin, was barely enough for modesty.
She stood, legs spread wide, weigh on her right leg so that her left leg jutted out prominently. Her robe lay abandoned off to one side.
"Wow, but . . ." Hans looked at the scars on her torso and left leg, as well as those from Fenrir's first bite on her left shoulder. He felt sort of like he'd ruined some great masterpiece.
Seidr stepped up and put a finger to his lips. "Don't you dare apologize for the scars. They're mine now, and you can't have them back."
"Always one step ahead of me, aren't you Seidr?"
"Of course. I'm older, wiser, and it's the only way to maintain the illusion that you follow me about like a lovesick puppy."
≪Watch your language!≫
Hans continued to gaze at her. At certain angles he could clearly see ...
"Um, isn't there supposed to be a bikini bottom with that outfit?"
Seidr scowled and shook her head. "I never liked that part anyway. It was damned uncomfortable with a length of chain where chain has no business being. What's the matter with my skirt as it is?"
Seidr stepped back and pulled the front of the skirt to one side. No panty on at all.
"Don't you like this look?"
She released her skirt and squealed again, "There it is!"
"The bottom?"
"No, your belt."
She pulled the belt from out of a pile of leather items and tossed it to Hans.