↓ Transcript
"Like I'm going to walk up to my new best friend and say, 'By the way, I murdered your grandfather.'"
"Wow. I'm sorry. I never considered that. It was supposed to be one last happy day before the old coot passed on."
"I would have given anything to have not heard the next day that, um, he, died in his sleep. But it was a fun day. I'm glad to know you really didn't die that day, Grunkie."
Dave laughed, its depth drawing startled glances.
Jinsoku nodded. "I'm sorry I had to do that to you. I have to establish a new identity periodically. That's why the first time you met, um, me was at the funeral."
Jinsoku stood. "Now that I'm here, I can live the life I was born for." He pulled a sheathed katana from his bag and knelt before Gná. "My queen, I offer my sword to your service."
Gná placed a hand on the scabbard, momentarily. "Stand Hasaki. I ask none to kneel before me. You need not do so now. But I gladly accept your service."
Showing considerable interest, Za said, "I think you will find him a great swordsman, My Lady. Lord Madison is as good as any I have crossed blades with, and he speaks highly of his trainer's skill."
Gná turned to Dave, "And what do you bring to my table, Friend Gordon?"
"Huh? I- I didn’t-"
"Dude, remember the 'Space Doc' stuff I had you bring? Put on your gauntlet."
Dave rummaged in his bag and put what looked like an oversized white gauntlet on his left arm. It chirped.
"Huh?" Dave pressed a button and a screen tilted up. "It's working. But it's just a toy. Isn't it?"
“That’s weird,” Hans noted. “I was told that Earth electronics don’t work here.”
Gná concurred. “To my knowledge, this device is unique in functioning at all.”
He held the screen up to eye level and moved it and himself about. He focused it on the elf across from him.
Jinsoku looked at the screen and reached over to flip it shut before anyone else caught the image of the scanned elf, sans clothing. "I’m actually a little surprised, myself. On Earth it's a toy. But to you it's always been real."
Gná looked at Dave. "You did not expect to find yourself here, Friend Gordon. I could send you back to your home if that is your wish."
Dave sat up straight. "Are you kidding? This is a real, true to life adventure. I wouldn't pass this up for the world."
Gná smiled and nodded. "Then I bid you welcome to Aelfheim, Friend Gordon. And welcome you to our 'cause,' as Lord Madison puts it."
"Cause?" Dave was mystified.
"I'll explain later," Hans offered.
Gná let forth a sigh, clearly meant to conceal a yawn, "It grows late and I was weary before we started. The excitement of this evening overcomes me. Lord Madison, one of the empty homes has been cleaned and set aside for your use. I trust you will not mind sharing it with your friends from Midgard."