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Casting the unpleasant thought aside, Za asked Hans, "Still, I am surprised, Lord Madison. You have not so much as a scratch. Was besting Fenrir so easy for you?"
Thank goodness, the subject had changed.
"No, he nearly killed me. And it was that giant snake, Jormungandr that had me dead to rights. But Seidr saved me."
Gná put a hand each on Hans and Za's wrists, looking to Za first. "I must confess that I did not think necromancy could do such a thing. You should see her, Za, she took his wounds herself and now she is covered head to toe in scars. Even that lovely face has been marred." She looked to Hans. "Does it not bother you, Lord Madison, that she bears the mark of your injuries?"
"Yes, but she seems, well, proud. That only seems to make her more beautiful, but I'd take them back if I could." Hans sighed, "I wish I could see her again."
A memory of Seidr in her skirt, teasing him with the front pulled to one side, came unbidden. He really wished he could be more shameless and enjoy the attention, and views, he was getting this day.
Gná’s hand on his wrist turned to a gentle grip. "I near begged her to join us, I truly did, but, as said, she declined. And should I send you back, even for a moment, Loki might find you and that would be the end of everyone's hopes."
Hans waved his free hand. "How is it that this place safe? Seidr said you were in hiding but everything seems out in the open."
Gná swept her hands out. "This hall and everything about it is contained in a valley well hidden and protected by spells that obscure and confuse. It has been safe against discovery for many, many decades now. Only betrayal would make us vulnerable to Loki's searching eye."
As if in denial of Gná's statement, a ring of electric fire took shape behind her. All eyes turned its way as all conversation stopped.
With suppressed alarm, Za asked, "My Lady?"
"This is not my doing," said Gná, her alarm considerably more noticeable.
Za leapt to her feet and drew her sword.
"Guards, to me."
Za and the guards approached the portal, just in time to watch two men tumble through the portal, each clutching a large bag.
Jinsoku sat up, completely unconcerned by the drawn swords around him. "Told ya," he said to Dave.

* * *

Jinsoku and Dave were seated next to Hans. Hans noticed they were getting many suspicious looks even though he'd pronounced them his friends. Even Gná seemed less than pleased at hosting additional guests.
Dave seemed totally unconcerned, his rich voice echoed through the hall as he happily explained how he and Jinsoku had managed to create a portal. ". . . so we figured that it might be possible to duplicate the phenomenon with a great enough static charge generated in the same location. Hasaki is the one that was expecting a doorway to another dimension though."
Gná still unhappy, nodded. "I see. Perhaps this spot has become a stable locus from its years of use. I will have to see about disrupting that. Next time, visitors may not be so afable."