↓ Transcript
There really wasn't much being taught the last week. Even the instructors liked to have a little fun between reviewing for finals. In this case, Mr. Varnir, a portly little man, with a wise, yet friendly face, was going on about static electricity, which most of his students already knew about from freshman and sophomore year classes. But it was entertaining as he made sparks jump between objects. Hans tried to concentrate on scoring tests, but every pop and snap made him jump.
Dave leaned over and whispered to Hans. "You look nervous."
Hans didn't look up, but replied, in a musical, you-already-know-the-answer tone, "I usually try to avoid static."
Unfortunately, Mr. Varnir seemed to have caught that.
"And now we need a volunteer," he chimed. "Mr. Madison, I understand that you are something of an expert on static electricity. Why don't you come up here for a 'hair raising' experience?"
Hans looked up to see that he now had the full attention of the class. "Um, I don't think that's a good idea, Sir."
Mr. Varnir patted the globe of the generator. "Nothing to be worried about, Hans. You'll just stand on this rubber mat and touch the sphere while it runs."
It occurred to Hans that: 1) he had the longest head of hair in the class, at least that didn't include copious amounts of hair spray; and 2) he should have known well enough to play hooky on a day that Mr. Varnir had a toy to play with.
"I . . ."
Grinning evilly, Dave said, "Go for it, Hans."
With a thumbs-up, Jinsoku added, "Do it, Dude."
They had plenty of practice, so no need to cue each other the class started chanting: "Hans, Hans, Hans."
They were doing it to him again. Oh well, it wasn't like anything bad could happen, hopefully.
Throwing up his hand in resignation, to the cheers of the class, Hans agreed, "All right already. I'll do it."
He undid his pony tail and stepped up to the globe, placing his hands on it. Mr. Varnir turned the generator on. It spun up and whirred. Nothing happened. Only the hum of the generator was heard. Waiting, still nothing. Not so much as a hair wafted out of place.
Stepping toward the generator, Mr. Varnir mumbled, "Maybe the belt's come loose."
As Mr. Varnir reached for the switch on the base, a bolt of electricity shot out from the globe to the water tap, then the overhead light, then an outlet, then they were all over. The lights flared and went dark revealing a circle of electricity, about 2 feet across, where the globe used to be.
Through the circle, Hans caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman. It was her pale blue eyes that caught his attention. Eyes just as wide as his own, looking back at him. With a shock of almost recognition, she stepped toward the circle. As she reached out, it chose that moment to snap itself closed.
≪Duat! What was that?!≫
The lights flickered back to life. A thin wisp of smoke rose from the remains of the generator.
Mr. Varnir just stood there, for almost a full minute. Then he simply waved his hands to dismiss the class.