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As he began loudly scolding the students, they began to press forward. That always meant First Bell would be ringing soon.
Once the yard cleared, the raven’s kin would be along to harvest food scraps conveniently dropped by the kids. It had been suggested that being his reason for wanting everyone hurried along. A small price to pay to have a living mascot.
They split up at the first hallway intersection, waving each other off. Hans barely noticed that other students gave him wide berth. It had been that way all through high school. He just had that little problem that caused people to keep their distance.
Hans stopped before his locker. Someone had removed the carbon discharge tape again. He reached tenuously for the combination dial. If he grabbed it just right . . .
Hans heard a "crack" just as he felt a sting, right under his right shoulder blade. Someone had touched him on the back and had gotten a big static shock for it. That was his problem.
Hans turned to see one of the shortest guys in his class, and his only other friend, Dave. Dave's wavy black hair had been cropped short over the weekend but in few short weeks it would be long and wavy again. He had his big pack today, the top of it towering over his head. Hans would bet this one had a good twenty or thirty pounds of books, "Space Doc" toys, and who knows what else in it.
"Dave? Are you OK?" he asked.
Dave rubbed his fingers, as he said in his oddly deep voice, "My hand's a little numb. Man, how one guy can build up so much of a static charge is beyond me."
"I'm sorry. You should have let me ground myself first."
A passing feminine voice said, "Carrying anyth ing for me, Donka?"
Dave paused to wave back at the gaggle of girls walking by. "Only a torch, Donna," he said with a half shrug.
Hans never got that kind of attention. Come to think of it, nobody got the kind of attention that Dave "Donka" Gordon got from girls. It wasn't fair.
Dave turned back to Hans, saying, "Ah, it's not your fault. I should know better by now." He muttered, more to himself than to Hans, "They sure seem to be getting stronger lately." Then he smirked. "You're Mr. Varnir's aide for third period. I hear he has one of those static generators set up. Maybe he's found a cure for your condition."
Hans stopped outside the teacher's lounge. "Wise guy." He waved Dave off. "You'd better get moving or you'll be late for Home Room. I have to hit the teacher's lounge. Someone decided that faculty and student aides should take a First Aid class."
Dave grinned broadly, saying, "You've got the class. I'm teaching it. Got certified last week."
"No kidding?"
"No joke, and I'm getting extra credit for it. I'm gonna be just like Dr. Bob on 'Space Doc.'"
"I told you there's more to life than that TV show."
"Yeah." Dave's eyes gleamed. "Now, outta my way. I've got a class to teach."

* * *

It had taken forever for third period to arrive. The last week of school always seemed longest and at the same time, most frantic. Only a few days until summer, but there were still finals to study for.