Aelfheim is a short novel that I started back in 2002. It’s something of a freshman effort, so I don’t expect any awards.

I’m a little stuck right now, so I’m cleaning it up and presenting it to you, my readers, exclusively. I had thought about doing it as a 3DCG webcomic/manga, but that ambition exceeds my skill.  I’m open to letting someone else do a graphic adaptation, tho.

I’ll be putting up a page a day for now (and try to get back on track with the comic).

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

↓ Transcript
A boy’s shocking personality.

The old Mustang pulled into the school parking lot, its motor rumbled a deep purr as at moved through the rows. As an acceptable spot was found the car nosed into it. Without so much as a cough the motor cut off. Its red paint gleamed in the morning sun; fresh wax having been lovingly applied.
Hans Madison stepped out onto the pavement. He put his hand on the door frame and jerked it back for a moment, then slammed the door with obvious ire. Trying to think of some way to avoid getting zapped like that again, he reached up and adjusted his long, blond ponytail.
He looked about and noted that his new car had drawn the attention of several girls. He had promptly lost it. He shook his head. He wasn't bad looking, handsome he'd even been told. He took great pains to be polite and considerate. And he was in pretty darn good shape too.
Of course a good part of his being in shape he could easily attribute his good friend and Kendo partner, Hasaki Jinsoku. Jin-kun to his friends.
The sound of a skateboard drew Hans' attention. With none other than Jin-kun careening his way upon it. At the last possible moment, Jinsoku came to an abrupt stop in front of Hans, his board flying up into his hands, as though drawn by magnets.
"Whoa, Hans! Bitch’n wheels! Fersure I thought it was you drivin' it."
Hans always got a blast out of how his friend spoke. Jinsoku had never even been to California, but with one's eyes closed, hearing him speak for the first time, one would think, "big, dumb, blond, surfer dude." That contrasted greatly with his slender, wiry build, straight black hair, in a head band today, and the high cheekbones one would expect from someone born in Japan.
"Oh, and good morning to you too, Jin-kun," Hans remarked sarcastically.
Hans placed a possessive hand on the roof of the gleaming vehicle. "You remember when I was 16 and Dad promised me that if I could drive for two years without a dent he'd go half on a car with me. He didn't think I'd saved up as much as I did, but he came through."
Jinsoku eyed Hans' car greedily. "Cool. I wonder if my uncle would do that for me?"
Hans raised and an eyebrow. "Didn't you wreck his last two cars?"
Board in one hand, Jinsoku shrugged. "Too true, Dude." He poked Hans in the chest. "Bet you never get a girl in the back seat. What with your shocking personality and all."
"Jin." Hans flipped Jinsoku off.
"Heh heh. So when can I borrow it?"
Looking Jinsoku in the eye, Hans flipped him off with both hands. They laughed and chatted on their way into the old brick building. A sign read “Riverside High School” with a stylized raven in black and red school colors on either side. So it was no coincidences that a particularly large and venerable raven, a familiar sight around the school grounds, eyed the encroaching students from atop the doorway.