↓ Transcript
Hans spied a scabbard and sword. "Ah ha!" The scabbard itself was simple wood, but it had a strap that would let him sling it over his shoulder. The sword's hilt had a circular hand guard, and was only wrapped in leather, but the grip was long enough to use two handed. He drew the sword. Rather plain, but the single edged blade was Damascus steel and looked razor sharp.
Hans held the sword in both hands, set his feet apart. "This will do very nicely." He took a couple of practice swipes at an imaginary foe. "The balance is almost perfect."
Seidr waved her hands. "It could well have been intended for you. The Narn were always funny that way. Though I'd wager Urd 'borrowed' my skirt for her own use, at least before leaving it here to be found when it was. She's such a clothes horse."
Seidr suddenly looked upward. She had a sympathetic look on her face. "Ooh! That had to hurt."
≪Ammut's Teeth! Gná doesn't start small, does she?≫
Hans sheathed his new sword and slung it over his shoulder. A perfect fit indeed.
"Gná?" he asked.
"Aye. She just used a very strong spell to try to breach my wards. She'll end up with a wrinkle or two if she keeps casting spells they way she has the last couple of months."
Seidr turned away, her mood somber. "That was a very powerful attack. I'm sure the strength of my wards surprised her, but I may have underestimated her as well. I want to make sure you know something."
≪Dog drool!≫
Bast just happened to be looking the right way when Hans vanished. At her epithet, Seidr turned to look. It took her a moment to realize he was gone. Bast watched a her friend sank to her knees.
"No, not so soon," murmured Seidr.
Seidr picked her up. "Where did she take him, Bast?" she demanded. Her hands quivered, so maybe the shaking wasn't intentional.
≪Hey, not so rough! I'm clairvoyant, not psychic. I have to know where to look to see him. Oh, Seidr, I'm so sorry.≫
Seidr clutched her to her chest. Bast began a comforting purr as Seidr looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks.
"Remember that I love you, Silly Man. And come back to me."
Bast kept purring. Keeping a person had its rewards, but could be a real bother sometimes.