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"Good. I'd already decided to keep them."
She reached up to pull his head down to her, and kissed him. She let go so she could look in his eyes. He looked so confused. He had every right to be.
"It takes a big heart to love so strongly that it ignites the same fire in those about it."
Seidr abruptly leapt away from the rather stupefied Hans.
"Oops. The bacon," she said rushing back to the grill.
"Sit." She waved at the table and chairs. "This is almost done. I hope you like your bacon extra crispy. We can’t waste any. Something, well, someone, I think, has been interfering with my ability to open worldgates, so I haven’t been able to do any grocery shopping. If it doesn’t clear up in the next couple of days, then you’re stuck here until the next full moon."
Hans considered the table and chair he sat in. There was nothing primitive about them. They would look at home in any Ikea showroom.
“I’ve taken most of my finals. It’ll screw up my GPA if I miss the last two, but it won’t keep me from graduating and starting college. And I’ve had worse summer breaks,” Hans quipped. “So, what’s a worldgate, anyway?”
Moments later, Seidr set a bowl and plate before him. He decided it looked interesting. Boiled grain, mostly wild rice and oats, and on the side five tiny boiled eggs, peeled, with several strips of bacon on the side..
“A worldgate is your typical fantasy world doorway between worlds. There’s only one other in around that can do it, and we aren’t on good terms.”
He watched her set another bowl on the floor. Bast scurried up and began devouring the contents.
Then Seidr sat as well, poured honey and cream into her bowl, and began eating; alternating between spoonfuls of cereal and delicately nibbling slices of bacon with her fingers.
Hans watched her eat in fascination. She'd said there would be time to ask questions later. This was later.
"Seidr, how did I get here?"
With her mouth full, Seidr answered matter-of-factly, "To this world? I don’t know. But I opened a portal under you before that awful serpent could finish you off. If he hadn't changed back into a great wurm just to gloat, I might have missed the chance. Portals aren't something you go casually tossing around, you know."
"That was actually my next question. What I mean is, well, I'm not sure how to put it." He still felt a bit foggy.
She pointed at his bowl with her spoon and up to his face.
"Eat. You have to be at least as hungry as I am. What you want to know is how you came to find yourself here, which incidentally is the realm of Aelfheim, the land of elves. Think of it as another plane of existence, or a parallel dimension."
As Hans nodded, he decided she was probably right about eating. Maybe that was why he was so slow.
The bacon was a little overdone, probably due to his timing, but otherwise OK.
Once he started eating, Seidr began explaining again. "Gná, the Aelfqueen, cast a spell, a big one, last night. I assume that's what brought you here. It would have cost her plenty, so she didn't do it lightly. My guess is that she thinks you could help defeat her enemy, Loki."