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Hans awoke alone. He'd slept alone in his own room nearly every day of his life since he was a child, but this was, alone.
He sat up and inspected himself. "I'm OK?"
≪Good morning!≫
Well, there was the cat. What was her name, Bast? She started buzzing before he even reached to stroke her fur. That she didn't get continuously zapped as he petted her was probably due to the humid air in the cave.
He chuckled. It was a good thing he hadn't had a chance to build up a charge before last night's activities. Girls always changed their minds about heavy petting, much less sex, when they get shocked down there. Last night was the first time that hadn't happened.
He thought it was one hell of a first time at that. If he'd awakened anywhere but in the same cave he'd have dismissed it as an incredible wet dream, and probably gone right back to sleep.
Then he noticed the smell and a sizzling noise. Bacon? In spite of how comfortable it was, the bed was actually part of a platform. He still felt a bit weak, so he had to struggle to his feet.
There was a sleeveless robe of green silk set out next to the bed. It fit, but snugly. It had been set on top of some sort of oversize towel, but he didn't see any kind of basin for washing, so he left it there. Stiffly, he walked out of the chamber, right behind his nose.
≪Hungry male headed your way!≫
A heavy wooden door, set in the mouth of the cave, opened to a lean-to of mortared stone. It contained a primitive, yet functional kitchen, with Seidr cooking bacon over coals on a wire grill.
She looked up at him. "Ha! Trust the smell of food to bring a man running."
Seidr was similarly robed, only in a deep purple. With a plaid skirt. When she turned to him, Hans noticed the scar on the right side of her face. Nearly two inches long, it seemed to compliment her, as if it were the flaw that made the picture seem real.
Seidr glanced down at Hans' bare legs. "What's this?" she thought as she stepped up to him and hugged him close. She discovered that she could only just touch the tips of her fingers together at his back. The top of her head fit neatly beneath his chin. That seemed rather convenient to Seidr as she pressed her cheek to the hairy chest of this delightfully big, fortunately not too big, man.
"I left a tartan out for you to wrap waist. Or were you hoping for more fun already?" She reached up and poked him on the chin. "Bend down, Silly Man, so you can kiss me."
Hans decided to say good morning, "Your face . . ."
"Oh no. My face is all scarred up now, so you no longer love me?"
Enjoying the taste of foot in his mouth, Hans finally managed to say what he meant. "Mmm, no. If anything you're even more beautiful."