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She gasped lightly, almost as though she hadn't expected him to do it. Putting her head on his chest, she sighed another musical sigh.
"There may as well be no word for 'love' in the language of my people. There's no time for it in our lives, no room for it in our hearts. Yet it's such a wonderful word to hear, when it's spoken from a true heart."
≪Oh no! Not you too?≫
She stood and dropped her robe to the floor. In spite of his weakened condition, Hans felt himself reacting. She was so beautiful. Long graceful legs, and arms. Firm, high breasts, with tiny nipples as black as ink. His eyes wandered down, across a firm belly and narrow waist, to . . .
"Its white, too," he thought.
Hans realized she was appraising him in much the same way. She had pulled the covering fur away and was working her long, delicate fingers down his chest, skirting bandages, across his stomach, before finally using them to take his measure.
Seidr shooed the cat away, saying, "My turn with him, Bast."
With a murmur of satisfaction, and much to Hans' surprise, she carefully got astride him, eased herself down, and began rocking gently.
≪Ra's Light! You don't waste any time. I was expecting you to kiss him or something first. Well, I have better things to do than watch a couple of clumsy hominids slap midriffs.≫
Hans was vaguely aware of the cat scampering away as Seidr began to chant:

Sit amor, fac nobis totam.
Sit tua vulnera facta meis.
Ego ferre dolorem.

Sit amoris coniungere animas nostras.
Sit mea respiratio ferre tibi.
Fortitudo mea fit tuus.

Sit amor nos gaudium..
Unus spiritus, una vita, una caro.
Nos duo factus est.

Hans felt his strength returning, but as he did, he noticed his injuries mirroring themselves on Seidr's body. First the bite on his shoulder, then the claw marks from his arms, followed by the rest, even a wound appeared on her cheek. He couldn't remember getting that.
Concern in his voice he asked, "Seidr? What's happening?"
"Don't stop. Please, don't stop. Just . . . love me."
As Seidr continued chanting in clearly growing distress, Hans considered putting a stop to it anyway. But, it was so, incredible.
Her chant went on. It could have been the same lines as before, but Hans wasn't sure. His attention had long since wavered.