↓ Transcript
Jormungand shrank down to a smaller, but still pretty damn big snake. He struck at Hans, easily catching an arm in his jaws and then wrapping his coils about him.
The serpent's coils began to tighten. In moments Hans began to hear his bones cracking.
Hans struggled, but without warning his strength left him. At the moment he stopped struggling he was freed from the snake's coils and dumped unceremoniously to the ground. He looked up to see Jormungand grow in size once more, looking like the dragon again, but not as big as at first.
Looking down on his prey, the serpent laughed. "I always knew Father placed too much faith in Fenrir. Now I shall be accorded as most powerful. I wanted to thank you for that, human, and for the meal you're about to become."
≪You’re going to WHAT?!≫
The last thing anyone expected to happen was for the ground to open up beneath the mortal. The human yelped in surprise and flailed as he fell into darkness.
"What? Come back here!"
He struck, only to plow his snout painfully into the earth.
Laid out on the ground, Jormungand muttered, “Witch. He was mine. Don’t even think this is over.”
A raven squawked derisively as it flew away.