↓ Transcript
Bellowing his own rage, Hans jerked the spear back and with both hands plunged it into the thing's chest. An electric bolt traveled down the length of the spear and bathed the wolfman in blue light. It howled hideously before its body exploded.
Hans collapsed to floor gasping for breath, covered in blood and gore, most of it his opponent's.
A thin, hollow voice rang out, "What is the meaning of this?!"
Groaning, Hans looked up. A hooded figure, fading in and out from barely visible to only slightly translucent, glared balefully at him.
"Who are you? Who are you to invade my home and slay my son within its walls?"
Hans hesitated, "I . . . I . . ."
"No matter. You won't have a grave to be marked."
The apparition pointed at Hans and flicked its wrist. A glowing sphere floated from its hand. It grew into a massive fireball, coming right at him. Hans covered his face with his arms. The fire ball struck him squarely and exploded, scattering debris. Hans removed his arms from his face and looked at them, then himself. He was unharmed.
The manifestation floated backward in amazement. "This can't be! Who are you?"
Hans remained silent. He couldn't decide if he was being defiant, or was simply scared out of his wits.
"Very well. You are DISMISSED!"
The room blurred and everything went dark.