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Luna: You and Jaz hooked up? I knew it! When?

Maddie: I'm not going to be ashamed about it. It's just … hard to explain. It was just before she took off for Iraq. I'm not really gay, or bi. Things weren't going anywhere between Ace and I. Mostly my fault. I've never had a real boyfriend before. Jaz and I had been hanging out a lot, and we really hit it off. So, I guess I was just curious.

Maggie: The lady in white with the scars and fake leg?

Maddie: She still had her leg and didn't have the scars then. And that's my fault.


Luna: How is that your fault?

Maddie: I went over to her place with a bottle of port. A large one. We had pizza and watched a movie for a bit. We started horsing around after a while. And one thing led to another. But the next morning she thought she'd taken advantage of me, even tho I told her I knew what I was getting into. Somehow it became an argument and we both said things we shouldn't have. And without a word to me or Ace, she left to work in Iraq a few days later. Where she was injured.

Luna: I see. You've noticed that Jaz still cares for Ace, and needs him, too. That's why you've told them you're OK if they get it on.


Luna: And you keep bringing up threesomes. You're still in love with Jaz!