Seriously, why can’t sick people stay home? (OK. I know. I know. Events like cons are only for a couple days and once one’s bought a ticket, a little thing like the sniffles may not seem like a big deal.)

Con Crud! Fever. Chills. Had the shivers so bad at one point that I’m exhausted. Feel like I’ve been steamrollered.

But, I’ve had worse and I’m feeling better already.


I can’t say I had a good time at the convention. I ran into only two fellow online comic creators. And the celebrity lines were long as were the lines for any interesting panel, unless you have an express pass, costing around $100, and those actually sold out.

I had a camera but got no decent photos. Managing a cane and a DSLR camera in a crowd was awkward. I have a walking stick with a camera mount that I should have used  but at some point I dropped my pass. I kind of realized that I’d seen all that I wanted to, was too tired already anyway, and went home.

I suppose that I got plenty of kitty snuggles during the night is a plus.