I guess I was due. Had all my work blown away when the computer crashed in the middle of a file save. AND the continuous backup program hasn’t been doing it’s job, if it ever did.

The last few bluescreens have been hardware errors. I suppose I should write down the next one(s). But I guess Flash is not the primary culprit.

YES! I have a UPS AND I even have a surge suppressor plugged into that.

NO! The computer is not overheating.

I do not need computer advice. I know what the problem is, I keep buying crap MSI motherboards after I’ve sworn never again.

I’m going to go get some ice, pour myself a generous libation of cheap scotch (its really cheap, so not a word about ruining it) and decide if I want to stay up late and why (finishing Little Fuzzy is real appealing right now). Then I need to decide if I want to try getting a decent motherboard or go back to using the motherboard/CPU that I upgraded from.