While I’m waiting for the Wednesday comic to finish rendering (has to be something about the house across the street causing this) I thought I’d touch on what I meant by needing licensing for items used to produce TMI. I’m not much of a 3d modeler; Carly’s desk at work is all you’ve seen. Everything else, including the base figures for the characters are all from sites such as Daz, Renderosity, and Poserworld. Sometimes, items are free to use; Carly’s work sweater is by Aery Soul, and the ship and figurine on Ace’s work desk are by Royloo. Michael 3 and Victoria 3 from Daz may be free figures now, but at the time I paid good money to use them, and the “morphs” that allowed me to turn them into Ace, Carly, Rocky, and others, have never been free. As far as free items go, I pay special attention to whether or not “commercial” use is allowed before I use it in TMI.

I could probably just download much of this stuff from pirate sites. It’s out there, I’m afraid. But that’s just not my style. I really wish I could do something for everyone that’s produced the free content I’ve used over the years. Trekkie Grrrl and Fast3d.co.uk often seem to have just recently produced the item I’m looking for. If anyone wants to drop a couple bucks on their sites on my behalf, I think that would be really cool.

A comment about not having art on the walls did hit home with me. I’ve never put any up because it would have to be something done by someone else. The photos in Ace’s office are mine, but it’s really just chance they came out looking good. The good news is that is going to change. Suzen Juel, a musician I’ve mentioned before, is also an artist, and she’s OK with her art appearing on the walls in TMI (attributed of course).