Being preoccupied with my own small tragedy I almost missed it.

Hard to believe it, but today marks four years since I first started TMI. Counting 66 bonus strips and 40 for Maddie’s Monster (which I hope to resume as soon as I get my head on straight again) today makes 778 strips.

At the end of the first year I had a few hundred readers. Last Monday there were around 16,200 unique visitors.

In that time I’ve gone from Poser 4 to 7. I’ve gone through 4 or 5 computer motherboards, 3 processor chips, 2 hard drives, 3 monitors (never buying another Emprex product again, BTW), and I don’t know how many power supplies.

When I first started TMI (and I said this before I think), it was really just a practice exercise. I knew I had enough ideas for a year or two, but I wasn’t sure I could sustain it much longer. I have other projects I’d like to do, but none of them have gained life like TMI has. Will I still be doing this 30 years from now?

What’s coming in the next year or so? Of course Ace is going to find himself helping Luna and Jaz cope. You’ll see Larry again. Rocky’s stepfather gets paroled and more of Rocky’s past is revealed. Carly’s mom will make an appearance. True love blooms for an unlikely couple. Another ghost. And fire. Not necessarily in that order.