I might have mentioned Second Life before. I spend a little time goofing off there, particularly where there’s good music to be found (look for Etchi Sideshow).

A couple of days ago I attended a virtual concert by Cylindrian Rutabaga (Grace Buford in real life). She was being interviewed by CNN about her music online, so I definitely wanted to be there and I don’t get up at 5:30 for many things.

I’m not particularly knowledgeable about music. I just know what I like. She has a unique style of folk music that ranges from chipper to eerie. Well worth listening too. I believe her next show is Sunday at 1PM Pacific (which just happens to also be SL time) at a place called Avalon Mist.

Being there as Grace was interviewed and played some of her original work was a blast. And, as it happens, you can see “me” on the video. At the 57 second mark the “camera” focuses on girl in black and white with a cat tail and ears. Behind her is a bald guy in a black leather jacket. They’re both me.